Our mission is to raise awareness about stealth dyslexia and promote early intervention, so children with stealth dyslexia can reach their full potential.

Dear Parents, Teachers, and Friends,

Conundrum Kids is a social impact organization created to help children who learn with stealth dyslexia get the attention and support they need. By publishing books containing nonsense words, we hope to sustainably support our efforts to creating educational resources that are engaging, interactive, and effective in identifying challenges to ensure more children are identified for further assessment and the number of students with dyslexia identified is closer to the number in schools. We are confident that more students identified will lead to more students reaching their full potential as learners.

HERE and HERE are samples of nonsense words that you can use to determine whether beginning readers have trouble correctly sounding out (decoding) words. Dyslexia is an unexpected reading challenge typically revealed when children have trouble matching letters to sounds. Many children with stealth dyslexia, however, slide under the radar of detection because their brains compensate by memorizing words by sight. Even when closely observed, children with stealth dyslexia are not identified because they appear to be strong readers—not struggling decoders.

There is a very narrow window of time during which evidence-based reading instruction is the most effective, and the window begins to close beyond first grade. If delayed, evidence-based reading instruction is more time-consuming, costly, and taxing on a student’s social and emotional well-being. That said, it is never too late for struggling readers to get support. 

It’s possible to achieve literacy justice for all children with dyslexia, stealth dyslexia, and ineffective or substandard reading instruction. It’s also possible that all children reach their full potential in literacy achievement. Please help me get the word out about stealth dyslexia and join me in bringing awareness to the critical time window needed for support.

AJ Meier
President and Founder, Conundrum Kids

[Please note that not all students who have difficulties with these skills have dyslexia. Formal testing of reading, language, and writing skills is the only way to confirm a diagnosis of suspected dyslexia].

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